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Care instructions for orchids

How to care for your orchid? Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions. Do you have other questions concerning your orchid? Please, send me an e-mail!

   How often should I water my orchid?
Water your orchid once a week. If you are not sure if your orchid should be watered, check the colour of its roots. If they are green, do not water. If its roots are grey, your orchid needs to be watered. During the summer your orchid will require watering more often than during winter.

How do I water my orchid?
Water by immersing the plant into a lukewarm water-bath for 5 minutes and let it drain for about 15 minutes. Always remove exces water from saucer of pot.

 What is the best place to put my orchid?
Place your orchid in a bright spot but avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause burnmarks.

    How often should I fertilise my orchid?  
Fertilise your orchid once a month. Aks your flower shop for the proper fertiliser.

How often will my orchid bloom?
The frequency of blooming differs per variety. On average, the phalaenopsis will bloom twice a year

What should I do when my phalaenopsis stops blooming?
After your orchid’s initial bloom, cut back the stem just above the first node. From this node a new stem will generally emerge within two months. If your orchid does not respond, or if the flower spike turns brown, cut back to the base of the plant.  

 Which temperature does my orchid like the most?
Keep your blooming orchid at room temperature (approximately 20 degrees °C). When your orchid has finished blooming, place te plant in a cooler spot.

When do I need to repot my orchid?
After one or two years, the orchid needs new bark. You should also repot your orchid when its roots get too long. Do not repot a blooming orchid.

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